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Welcome To The Portfolio of D.J. Rivera

I am a seasoned writer with nine years of experience writing in all facets of the entertainment industry. My main focus is on movies and television, whether it be in-depth analysis or reporting on the latest news out of Hollywood. Over the years in the game, I have lent out my talents to several popular outlets writing about everything that matters in film and TV. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and an uncanny understanding of how this world operates, I pride myself on being an asset for any publication I write for. All this translates to someone who can provide fast, accurate, and above all else, an enjoyable experience for any reader.

My extensive background spans both sides of the industry, working on both indie films and mainstream projects. I have worked for studios like Warner Brothers, Universal, ESPN, and Fox. I have written, directed, and produced several award-winning films that are now available on Amazon Prime Video. This gives me an edge when providing engaging content for your readers as well as offering them some intriguing insight.

I also provide freelance services through DJR Entertainment, helping my clients with getting a clear and concise message across to their fan base. Whether its a screenplay for a film or script for a commercial to the website content or a social media posts, my talents as a scribe can give any endeavor the boost, it needs to stand out amongst the crowd.

Along with my hands-on experience, there is also a solid foundation of education holding everything up. After finishing up my last tour with the US Army, I made my way to film school where I earned an MFA in Film where I was also the Valedictorian. And I have a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business. So my training covers both sides of the coin, giving me a next level understanding of how both the creative and business sides coexist. Along with these academic accomplishments, I am also certified in the fundamentals of SEO through SEMRush and have a Social Media Certification from HubSpot Academy.

I also have an additional set of unique skills outside of writing that I proudly bring to the table. I have experience with Content Management Systems like Wordpress. Photoshop and basic Graphic Design skills are definitely in my arsenal. And to top things off, I am an award-winning video editor with nine years of experience. So the next time you feel you need a real game changer for your readers, throw up a signal and I’ll answer the call.

Until then, enjoy my words!


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