D.J. Rivera brainstorming in the writer's room.

Welcome To The Portfolio of D.J. Rivera

I am a seasoned writer with many years of experience writing in all facets of the entertainment industry. My main focus is on movies and television. Over the years in the game, I have lent out my talents to several popular outlets writing about everything that matters in film and TV. 

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and an uncanny understanding of how this world operates, I pride myself on being an asset above all else. All this translates to someone who can provide fast, accurate, and above all else, an enjoyable experience for any audience.

I also provide services that help my clients get a clear and concise message across to their fan base. Whether it's a screenplay for a film or a commercial to a feature article or a social media post, my talents can give any endeavor the boost it needs to stand out amongst the crowd.

Along with my hands-on experience, there is also a solid foundation of education holding everything up. After finishing up with the US Army, I made my way to college, earning an MFA in Film and being the Valedictorian. I also have a Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business, so my training covers both sides of the coin, giving me a next-level understanding of how both the creative and business sides coexist.

 I have an additional set of unique skills outside of writing that I proudly bring to the table. So the next time you feel you need a real game-changer for your readers, throw up a signal, and I’ll answer the call.

Until then, enjoy my words!

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