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10 Little-Known Facts About Popular Comic Book Characters

Way back only a group of the society designated as “nerds” enjoyed the fantastic stories colorfully-illustrated in the glossy pages of comic books. But in the modern era, comic book characters are a billion dollar business, and if one is not entirely up to date on all things superhero, they are the nerds. The tables have turned, and beings with extraordinary abilities are now all the rage as their tales flood the screen of both television and cinema. From Marvel to DC and everything in between, the caped crusaders and menacing evildoers are the stuff fans of all ages simply cannot get enough of.

10 Of The Most Ambitious Movie Crossovers Of All Time

One thing everyone loves to see unfold onscreen is when different worlds collide. Extraterrestrials encountering human beings, the rich guy going after the poor girl, or the rugged outdoorsman coexisting with the big city businessman are just some examples of great stories that pleasantly bridge the gaps between two opposing entities. But movies have gone on to take this compelling idea to a whole other level. The world of entertainment has continually over time given its audience several innovative ways to enjoy films where different worlds come together, but none hold a candle to what is commonly referred to in the industry as a crossover.
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