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10 Little-Known Facts About Popular Comic Book Characters

Way back only a group of the society designated as “nerds” enjoyed the fantastic stories colorfully-illustrated in the glossy pages of comic books. But in the modern era, comic book characters are a billion dollar business, and if one is not entirely up to date on all things superhero, they are the nerds. The tables have turned, and beings with extraordinary abilities are now all the rage as their tales flood the screen of both television and cinema. From Marvel to DC and everything in between, the caped crusaders and menacing evildoers are the stuff fans of all ages simply cannot get enough of.

10 Of The Most Ambitious Movie Crossovers Of All Time

One thing everyone loves to see unfold onscreen is when different worlds collide. Extraterrestrials encountering human beings, the rich guy going after the poor girl, or the rugged outdoorsman coexisting with the big city businessman are just some examples of great stories that pleasantly bridge the gaps between two opposing entities. But movies have gone on to take this compelling idea to a whole other level. The world of entertainment has continually over time given its audience several innovative ways to enjoy films where different worlds come together, but none hold a candle to what is commonly referred to in the industry as a crossover.

Top 10 of the Greatest Actors of All Time

Becoming an actor is no easy feat and getting your name in the headlines as the industry’s biggest star is almost next to impossible. It takes something exceptional to become of one the greatest names in acting. Digging deep into one’s inner emotions and genuinely letting go of all limitations to operate efficiently outside of one’s comfort zone is a challenge not meant for the weak. No, the art of performing is as tricky as it is terrifying, in front of all those criticizing eyes the fantasy must be made a reality, the impossible turned possible and the naysayers transformed into believers. To properly develop an interesting character and diligently carry a compelling story is the essential day-to-day in the life of any great actor.

10 Interesting Ways Porn Helps Shape the World

The profession surrounding the sultry world of sexual fantasy has been one of the oldest jobs in the history of humanity. As the world changed so did the routines of sex workers day-to-day. From Burlesque shows to internet webcams, the occupation surrounding sensual pleasure seems to always be at the forefront, if not out to a decent lead, of innovation. This makes perfect sense when considering that as society evolves so do their needs. The wants and desires of human beings have been satisfied through many forums, but the number one go to in the digital age to get one’s rocks off is without doubt pornography. While most people think it is a practice of deviant behavior and sexual violence, these negative Nancy’s should do their research before they judge a book by its cover. Many people believe the only effect that porn can have on its viewers is ultimately negative when the reality is that there are a lot of positive things that can come from the adult entertainment industry. The XXX content that makes some individuals nervous has helped push technology forward, redefine art, and keep women safe. This so-called smut has even helped protect the US Constitution. There are many ways porn has helped shape the world we live in today, but out of all of them, these ten seal the deal.

10 Biggest Hollywood Scandals of All Time

If the Hollywood hills could talk the stories they would have to tell would most likely be drenched in controversy. The things that Hollywood Sign has seen looking down on Shangri-La would shock and amaze the audiences that almost worship the comings and goings of Tinseltown. It is not easy making it in show business and the things people do to either get in or stay in are just as crazy as some of the stories these pieces of media showcase. Tales of murder mysteries, salacious scandals, and unfathomable treachery are just the tip of the iceberg and barely scratch the surface of what this town has to hide.

10 Horror Franchises That Should Have Ended Earlier

It is never a good thing to wear out one’s welcome, so it is always very polite to exit in both a fashionable and timely manner. Besides unwanted house guests, movies are known to have some of their stories continue to release when they should have called it quits sooner than later. Not every great picture is destined to be a long-running franchise or even get to trilogy status. It is scary to think that this could happen to any popular title and some scary examples are notoriously known for making moviegoers cringe when it comes to a problematic sequel.

10 Terrifyingly Terrible Horror Movie Remakes

Squeezing every last bit of nostalgia juice out of something seems to be the name of the game in Hollywood as almost everything releasing feels like a rehashing of something from the past. Every major studio, network, and streaming giant are attempting to get their hands on as many oldies they can remix for the modern day in an attempt to recapture that entertainment glory that came with the original. While some of these new versions resonate well with audiences, there are a few that are straight duds and prove some things cant be redone, or at least shouldn’t be.

10 Comics You Must Read Before Avengers: Endgame

After eleven years and 21 blockbuster films, it has all come down to this. Avengers: Endgame is just around the corner and fans everywhere are losing their minds, as well as their patience, waiting for the thrilling conclusion to what Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige calls the Infinity Saga. The wait for the next mega Marvel mashup is what some at this point would call cruel and unusual. Their need to know what happens after the decimation, let alone how the leftover heroes can undo the Mad Titan's heinous snap, is at an all-time high. As the release approaches, very little is known about the film everyone can't wait to see.

Top 10 of the Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Sometimes even the most popular piece of literature won’t do well with viewers no matter who hard they try. There are many factors that could result in this. The material may need more than just a two-hour time limit to get the message across. It could also be because of a lackluster cast, poor production budget, or just a complete lack of understanding of the source material. Whatever the reason may be, their more examples of failed film adaptations of popular reading materials then Hollywood would like to admit. Of all the swings and misses in this department here are ten worst book-to-movie adaptations that failed to resonate well with audiences.

10 Worst Horror Movie Sequels of All Time

It takes a village to make a movie. And when constructing this complex narrative it can definitely be a vexing process. Sometimes the film in question fails to find an audience. Other times it becomes a massive success and a follow-up is all but expected. Attempting to not only recreate the same magic once again but then to have the task of making it better can be one of the most daunting tasks in moviemaking, at least for the money people.

10 Famous Celebrities Who Were Secretly Spies

The world of espionage is filled with many secrets, and no one truly knows who is who in that area. Your next door neighbor could be a spook on a case, or your local grocer could be an ex-foreign agent on the run from some secret organization bent on world domination. The cold war may be over, but the spy game continues on and with it comes revelations of the past from the secret files of covert agencies all over the world. I mean at some point everyone’s secrets tend to surface and with international men and women of mystery this definitely also applies.
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